Gate and FATE

I wanted to talk about two things here.One is the gate we have in our home.


Usually in those days ,there will be a compound wall or a fence around the house with some space left (so called veranda) and a gate protecting the house.It will be locked everyday before getting to sleep.But nowadays, many people are moving to apartments and many individual villas are built without any fence,gate being a  peculiar thing  for them.Because there is a common gate and there will be no necessity to lock it as a watchman will be there functioning 24*7.Lifestyle has changed so much.Though this the case, there is also another set of people who are so crazy, providing adequate space for gardening while building their house.They spend so much time in decorating their doors,choosing proper gates while some may think that it is waste of time.


Another thing which striked me is the railway gate.

When i walk to my office in the morning,i am supposed to cross the railway gate to go to other side .Everytime whenever the alarm rings, indicating that the railway gate is about to be put,i could see a rush of vehicles all of a sudden.Until that everything will be calm and smooth.But i have no idea, from where does a bunch of vehicles come rushing up suddenly when alarm starts ringing.After the way is blocked and gate is put,there will be some stunts happening.People will bend down through the railway gate ,along with the vehicle ,unable to balance it,cross to the other end very urgently even when they could see that the train is nearing the station.The same happens in case of people who are walking.They see that the gate is closed and they run fast crossing the track.I cannot understand why people do not have patience to wait for 5 or 10 minutes.When you don’t see the train coming near,crossing the track is acceptable to an extent.But when it approaching near,why can’t they wait for sometime.And there are even workers who are standing near the gate to monitor this.They will be blowing whistle making you cautious.



People forget that the gate is blocked with the intention to save them.And  when the train comes , we get a loud horn though it is nearing the gate slowly or approaching fast.We have to be cautious when we cross the gate.It is our responsibility to save ourselves.Nothing will be lost if we wait for 10 or 15 minutes.I think patience is very much needed here.


Don’t lose this precious life by accident .Because i could also see people using headphones ,talking in mobile ,just crossing the gate very carelessly.So be aware while doing so.There is no use of crying over split milk.

chrompet railway gate


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There were times we used to buy that lollipop for 2Rs and start licking it all the way to  our home.The shape of the chocolate(Blob over the stick) itself makes it appetizing and the delicious taste you get when you lick is really awesome.Guess i am making you feel it.Nowadays there are huge varieties of chocolates sold in market.Many children don’t even know what lollipop is.This is because the next version of lollipop came into picture,the so called toonpops which looks like


Of course, these toonpops looks more colorful and candy.But the plumpy and stout lollipop we used to eat was much prettier than the toonpops.Though we have lots of cadburry and wafer chocolate varieties now ,the lollipops always have their own place. Only thing is that , the children of nowadays are moving towards chocolates which are costly,larger in size,more tutty fruitty cherished with  nuts.So they don’t know the essence that lollipops have.


Yes.You became crazy.Don’t wait.Go taste it again.You will get that heavenly feeling.

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Walk through Sea


“Bye.Will see you soon” said Rina .Her family waved a sad goodbye.Yes, her journey in the ship started.She was a Marine Engineer and wanted to sail in the ship to discover places.It has been three days now since she is away from the land.She engaged herself in recreations,enjoyed the eternal scenery ,crossed hills and mountains,tasted delicious feasts,explored a new world over there.

“You are hijacked and no escapism”,said a threatening voice.Nobody had an idea of what was going on.Agitation occupied the place.Rina understood one thing “The sailors are betrayed”. She was aggressive .She understood that the captain has surrendered the ship to the pirates.

“They will be slewed off and ditched into sea”,she said to the passengers.The sailors became dumbstruck and started whispering.She decided to take charge over the ship and rescue the passengers.The pirates controlled everything and the ship was driven by one of them.

When it was the time for dinner,Rina signaled the cook to give them the dishes that were  prepared separately.Guess what???She thought of a small plan thinking it would work out. To adulterate the food with some narcotics thereby making the pirates unconscious.

It happened as expected.Once they became allure,“We have very less time my dear passengers” shouted Rina.She, under the guidance of the captain,took charge to sail the ship, used her master brain,directed by the marine compass ,turned the fans of the propeller ,diverting to the correct path and marched over the strong tidal waves of the wide ocean.

“There we are,at the horizon”,screamed the passengers.They reached the harbor finally after a great struggle.Rina became the savoir.

Sailing in ship is a blessing that everyone cannot get.What if Magellan had not sailed ??People might have not known the truth that the world is round .So keep discovering places and start exploring.


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Fill in the blanks

Man In Suit_GAP_big

Hope everyone has seen this section in exam papers.To my knowledge,Dash is used to indicate a sudden break which when filled upon  will change the meaning of a sentence.It is like a connector between any two ends.When nothing is written in the dash,it becomes an incomplete sentence.

Consider this brilliant example question asked in IAS exam

Indira Gandhi is Nehru daughter’s ______________. This sentence will sound sensible only when correct word is put over here.Else it is just a phrase.


Comparing it to the communication gaps which occurs in our lives. These blanks arises because of the thing called ego.We lose many relationships by ego,where dignity comes into picture.So a vacuum gets built upon.

A sentence becomes meaningless when a dash is left empty, likewise, a relationship becomes incomplete when mind gets empty because of ego.

Understand the value of relationships,through upon all  those evils and fill in the blanks ,eliminate the dash,make your life complete.



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All the world’s a stage ,and all the men and women merely players”said Shakespeare.Everybody have their own role play in this dramatic world.Life itself is a journey and we are all the passengers with god being the guard. The thing is we are  traveling without knowing the destination.If destiny is predictable, life will not be that interesting.

A pause in the journey of life is what a passenger needs ,which means when life becomes monotonous, take a break, chill out, discover yourself, take a moment to look back the paths you walked through.This is because throughout the journey a passenger will come across different sets of people,unexpected situations,criticisms,applause, some may create good memories while some needs to be forgotten and erased .


Obviously the journey is not going to be soothing,it will have its own ups and downs.But traveling through the life as it goes is not so  good.A pause is always required in the life to analyze what has happened and what needs to be changed.We cannot predict the future,but we can at least plan for the future by undergoing a walk through.

So more than being a passenger in life,be a pausenger .Even heartbeats take rest between each beat.So why not human?






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Rear up the Career



What after engineering??????is a confusing topic to be discussed.

Lots of hopes.Many a confidence.More of excitement.

These were  streaming in my mind when i was about to start my career in an MNC.‘Life is a not a bed of roses‘ is what i have realized after getting into work.As a fresher it is quite tough to compete in a world, where you have no idea of what is happening [which is nothing but SOFTWARE]and you are no way related to it by any means.But just because you need money,you need a job you just jumped into an ocean without knowing how to swim.I understand how foolish it is but i guess,  currently,  more than 60% engineers belong to the above category.

It has been an year of time since i completed my engineering.But still, my mind cannot accept the fact that life in college is over.There is always an intuition that i will return back to those days.This is because my college was a heaven.Not merely a heaven ,more than that.So adapting to a corporate life is a kind of  herculean task for people like me.

It was my first day in a project after completing a training on ‘JAVA’ about which have not  studied anything in four years of time.I am completely messed up,full of serious thoughts,agitated because am going to start my work just by having the knowledge i gained through training.So as days passed,i got used to work,got used to corporate world,got used to politics.Things were not happening as it was expected.


Months passed by,but still am not in the position to realize what am i working for,what am going to be in another 3 years,where am i progressing to,of course progression or regression is again an unanswered question.I came to know what life is.There were situations in which you have to accept what your superiors say just because they are in a dignified position.Although you enter into an argument to express your thoughts,but it will end up in vain because of domination.Here the weapon called ‘authority’ comes into picture.There are many circumstances in which you will  realize that your boss or  manager is not having any stuff .But you have to agree because they are your managers.


There are two corporate rules:

1.Say ‘yes’ to whatever your supervisor/manager/superior tells you

2.Follow rule 1.

There are many policies in an organization to solve the grievances of their employees.Sometimes those policies are useful,but useless in many occasions unless you have a good manager.I am not here to blame the higher authorities because it is their responsibility to manage their subordinates,because they will have to answer in case of any disaster.But do not treat employees like slaves.And don’t have a preconceived notion that if an employee is not able to carry out some sort of work ,then he is not fit for anything.

Understanding an employee’s personal life is very important.I agree that office is not a place for providing counseling,but only when the employee’s personal problems are addressed through ,he will be in the position to concentrate in the work .Work life balance has to be maintained to have a stress less life.

Career is not a destiny,it is the beginning:

It lies in the hands of an employee to build his own career.By doing any work,you gain  experience. Through experience you have learnt how to handle different issues ,but actual learning has not happened yet. You have to update yourself with different technologies which are currently ruling software,understand the level of competitors,indulge in different environments.Learning and working should go hand in hand to reap the best out of your career.

But all these happens only when you start loving your job and automatically you will become more interested.

Survival of the fittest is the law of corporate world.No matter how your family situation is,you will be slewed off without any mercy if you don’t show an incremental performance.


Unfortunately i don’t love my job.So any miracle is not going to happen since i have 0% interest in boosting up my software career.I am striving  hard to jump into another world where i will be paid for my creativity.

To conclude with a fact that career is something which will start from your childhood,as you set your goals.Only thing is that you should be strong enough to follow those goals,not getting diverted from that because of external factors,influence by parents or relatives.So when you start traveling towards the goal with desire,career becomes colorful .There will not be a second thought and you will not have a chance or a reason to hate your job.