First blog post

I am addressing everybody through my first post.Its a great pleasure to start here .I always have a passion for expressing my thoughts through words .Words are most powerful weapons.Hope i will be having a splendid journey without knowing the destination .




Screenshot_20180110-222829_1And today she turns 90

Commanding in her tone

Dignified in her thoughts,

Sacrifices she made

Generosity in her blood

Independency in her work

Her power of will was infinite

Pride and uncompromising 

Rigid and steadfast

89 long years of journey

Her speech ,her laughter,

Her anger,her love,

Her kiss,her hug,

Her innocence,Her smile

Her soft wrinkles

I miss HER as a whole

It is her birthday!!!

But she is no more

My Grandmother









Daily prompt

Poverty and bliss

mother love

The smell of the sand touched her nose

The darkness of clouds blocked her vision

The flash of lightening pictured her face

The roar of the thunder cracked her ears

The moisture in the wind wiped her skin

When everyone gathered with umbrella,

She was searching for a vessel;

When people took their jerkins out,

Half ditched in rain

She was ceiling the roof top;

When they started shutting their windows,

She was fastening the torn blanket;

And embraced her baby

Before the first droplet fell;

She cannot be somebody else

Than a MOTHER!!!










The Ecstatic essence

hands together

They talked for hours and hours endlessly. Time has not restricted their chats.  Sharing their feelings and emotions, expressing the like for one another made them fall for each other. Crush , infatuation or whatever it can be called ,but not definitely love .They were confused about the relationship between them .

And on that rainy day they finally met, after long days of phone talks. Excitement and happiness filled in their hearts. Their eyes met each other when she stood close to him. The weather was so romantic. They could not figure out the reason for their nervousness. ”Is this called Love? “.If not then what is the relationship called? Questions wandered through.

They arrived at their destination. It was drizzling, cool breeze tapped their face , clouds were dark, the place was calm. It was neither sunny nor rainy. So they talked in person for the very first time. After many conversations, they understood that it is not going to work out .Whether to end up the relationship be the best solution. But how can it happen all of a sudden. They wanted to continue though , despite knowing that it will end up in mess.

She was sitting beside him. He embraced her shoulders. His lips touched her cheeks .She could not realize what has happened. He kissed her hard. She was at the peak of happiness. Although she was bit shivering, she did the same in return. They walked together holding their hands tight on the wet road .Trees on the sides shed their leaves, the dew drops closed their eyes , the clouds started to disappear. Why is this happening? They stood as close as it can be. She has put her hands on his shoulders. He held her waist and she lay on his chest. They hugged each other. And as days passed by, the journey continued.

She was well dressed in her wedding attire. The banquet hall was filled with crowd of people. Tears started rolling down her eyes when he wore the ring on her finger. He bent down and proposed her “Will you be my better half?”Her cheeks blushed and she kissed him. It was the moment they fell in love with each other. And the wedding happened finally.

How can this happen , when they arrived at the conclusion that the relationship will end up very soon. Post your comments.





Daily prompt



“And they lived happily ever after!!!”, she closed the book after reading the last lines of the love story .Numb thoughts occupied her mind.  Her pupil started drowning into the pool of water. Her cheeks became wet and turned red as she became irresistibly miserable.

Memories of him started wandering through, visuals of the past stood in front of her eyes. She swallowed the grief , cleared her grumpy throat after having a glass of water.

“He left me because he found a beautiful girl. She will suit him well. So am i that ugly?”, she screamed and threw the glass hard on looking at the mirror. Her happiness shattered like those broken pieces of the glass.

“Stop it .Don’t shed a droplet of tear for a ditch ”, she was interrupted by a voice suddenly. Only then she felt her presence .It is her conscience. “FRAUD and cheater ,he is”, the voice did not let her  continue her cry.

“Consoling oneself can be quiet tougher, but losing oneself for ruthless is lame”,she wiped her face and gathered the glass pieces trying to gather herself.

via Daily Prompt: Fraud


Genres of Genius


When the poet was asked

To write a book

The pages are not enough

To portray his thoughts;

When the scholar was asked

To give a speech

The time was not enough

To preach his brilliance;

When the scientist was asked

To show his discoveries

The room was not enough

To present his inventions;

When the musician was asked

To play his masterpiece

The notes are not enough

To be instrumented;

When the weaver was asked

To weave his life

The thread was not enough

To stitch his ideas;

When the artist was asked

To paint his favorite art

The palette was not enough

To hold the paint;

When the photographer was asked

To cascade his pictures

The line was not enough

To club the train of photos;

Genius By Profession

They are!!!!!

Above All One Genius

Who is with us

When she was asked ,

To express about her life

No book,no art

Can define her love;

One word she said

“My SON”

Who can be more genius than your mother?

I dedicate this post to my sweet and courageous MOM.She is a born genius .







via Daily Prompt: Genius





When target is set

The bow is pulled

The arrow is launched

The catapult is stretched

And the stone strikes

The gun is triggered

And the bullet is clogged

Life takes you near Success

As much as you crave

Life is Elastic

Reflection of things

Is what life teaches us

Retaining the originality

Regaining the lost

Refraining the mistakes

Science and Life

Metaphoric to each other

Target the rightful

Elastic it is!!!!







via Daily Prompt: Elastic


To walk ,to look ,to cross



And the crowd gathered around the girl who was thrown 100 meters ahead the signal.

“Oh my God!!!!!She was bleeding terribly”, the boy screamed  aloud ,laying her on his lap.The siren approached nearer and the white cloth changed to red when she was laid on the stretcher.

He fell down in  guilt ,regretted for what has happened before 15 mins.

“Can you please stop for a while?”,he pulled her hands. And she refused to do so.She started walking faster thereby avoiding him.

“And donot play the fool out of me here.I am frustrated of being cheated by you.Get lost”,she shouted at him and started walking .

“It signals red and you must wait to cross the road”,the alarm signaled the pedestrians to stop for the green signal. She flew in the air when knocked down by the ghost speeded car on crossing the running vehicles.

Death silence occupied the place for a while. She missed herself ,missed her life.

Be Pedestrian.Beware!!!!!!


via Photo Challenge: Pedestrian


Daily Prompt: Tentative

Nobody is bothered about tentatives.On having a look at a tentative exam schedule ,no student starts preparing,thinking that the schedule will change.And of course there will be a lot of differences between the actual and the tentative one.


It can be a sign to make people cautious about something which is going to happen very soon.But why to be so serious about such tentative things of life ?People tend to lose their temper for those thing which are not permanent.Rich and poor,name and fame,profit and loss ,land and assets,relationship and breakups and so on are tentative.Life sounds to be interesting only when the graph keeps changing .If these are permanent,life would be stagnant and no one bothers to progress.

The sun and the moon are tentative in a day.It can’t be dark and light always.

Those are the TENTATIVES!!!

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“You have reached the heights of GLORY”,the Principal applauded Sunil for receiving the School rank award .It was a hilarious moment for him.

Tears rolled over his eyes.He thought “Toiled every day and night,making many sacrifices” but stopped for a while.”No .I have not  sacrificed anything ,it is my parents”,he cried .


They were sitting in the crowd and cheering him up with laurels.”Please come on to the stage,Sunil’s mom and dad”,the teacher announced.

A pride goosebumps moment for any parent.They walked with heads up on.The real GLORY.

Stop for a while.Let Sunil’s character be depicted by me and his parents be mine.Yes i am so emotional to share this .It was me during 10th Std,who received this award.Hope i have made my parents happy by some means.Like any other child,i too wanna  make my parents feel proud because of me

via Daily Prompt: Glorious