First blog post

I am addressing everybody through my first post.Its a great pleasure to start here .I always have a passion for expressing my thoughts through words .Words are most powerful weapons.Hope i will be having a splendid journey without knowing the destination .


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How neighbors turned to be so called ‘neighbors’ ?

This happened around 15 years ago when I was studying m 5th Class in my native called Cuddalore [ a town located near Pondicherry].

It was a usual evening and as I returned back from school, before I could find the latch of the door locked, my neighbor [ a 40 years old aunt] said that my Dad was suffering from severe stomach ache and was taken to hospital. My mom and my grandmother took my Dad in ambulance.

So, the aunt asked to stay at their home and have a coffee. Later I may got to my home, fresh up myself , change my wardrobe and come downstairs so that her father in law [ a 60 years old man] in the neighbor’s home would take me to hospital.

After getting refreshed , I came down and he rode me to the hospital in his bicycle. The hospital is located 10 Km from our house. My Dad was having sever injury in intestine and was admitted in bed. My mom and grandma were sitting with him.

And I started crying as I have never seen him with trips and tubes before. The doctor told us that the situation is demanding for an immediate surgery and said some medical terms which I never understood. And he warned us that if this is prolonged the pain will become irresistible and might be worsen.

So my family was stumbling and could not figure out what to do as we thought it was just a stomach pain and never expected that it would land in for a surgery. At the end, we understood only one thing that surgery must not be delayed and we are supposed to pay rupees 10,000 for the same.

It was a very huge amount during those days and those were times when debit cards were not of much use. We had Rs 5000/- at home and as the weekend is going to fall on the next day, banks will remain closed. And I really had no idea how much money they had in the bank because my Mom and grandma were discussing to approach a pawnbroker shop to get money with jewels.

The neighbor grandfather who took me to hospital came forward and said he would manage to gather 5000 rupees from a friend of him and get back shortly. My mom denied first but with taking into considerations of worsening situation, she agreed.

He went back pedaling his cycle , gathered the money and rushed to the hospital again in the bicycle. We paid the amount and the surgery was carried out after that. The operation was successful and my Dad was safe.

Now, after 15 years , I am able to afford my parents with medical insurance policies and able to manage their hospital expenses independently. But the demanding 5000 rupees during that time mattered so much and resembled to be god showered money .

The timely help rendered by my neighbor is unparalleled to anything in return. We are thankful and indebted to him throughout our lifetime as he happened to be a savior for us.

I can relate it to Tamil Thirukural ,

“காலத்தி னாற்செய்த நன்றி சிறிதெனினும் ஞாலத்தின் மாணப் பெரிது.”

These kind of people do exist on earth and claim to be an evidence that humanity is not lost. Currently, I stay in a 2 BHK apartment with my family in Chennai and there are around 8 families in the same apartment.

And I never happened to know the name of any of the neighbors though it has been 2 years since we moved to this apartment. The intention of this mention is not to compare the life at city and a town, but to just think how things got changed and we really do not care even if there is a battle happening next door.

Neighbors turned out to be so called ”neighbors” 🙂

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When YO[U]R mind thinks for a B[I]G VI[E][W]



I met him during a rainy day.

He created a sense of joy and delight to my soul.

When I saw him for the very first time, I was awestruck.

His ecstatic beauty made me admire him with a steady intent look.

He stood stunning over the widespread blue carpet that contrasted his colorful wardrobe.

His physique revealed the truth that life starts from nowhere, rises high and falls down gradually and it can never be linear.

He painted my eyes with a splash of bliss and contentment.

He makes me fall in love whenever my sight encounters him.

His attire emphasized the fact that ever body you meet adds a shade to your life. Some might be dull while some might happen to be bright.

But at the end, life would look beautiful with a mixture of colors.

It was blessing to see his seven facets standing parallel complementing each other.

I meet him on my way home, sometimes when I sit back on the terrace floor and at times when I feel the air on seashore.

He is a rare breed as he shows up only during special occasions but always a pleasant to watch eye candy edition.

People bow at him as he appears before the rain and may be that is the reason why he is called asRAINBOW.



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“Sshhhhh!”,said the little girl from the crowd as the bride came walking down in slow steps.The groom stood at the centre of the banquet hall holding the garland tight .

As he saw her,his heart swept off the memories of the dark blue linen saree with golden border which shimmered her elegance during his first sight.

He recollected the visuals of those mesmerizing brown eyes with dilated pupils, surrounded by sharp eyelashes which  urged him to stare at her in the very first go.He smiled thinking of her dense and fluffy black hair which waived a welcoming note to him.

Those symmetric,thin lined eyebrows made anyone fall for her.His mind retrospected the sounds of those bangles which played tunes as she turned her hands every now and then.

He remembered that momentary spell which she had casted upon him when he gazed at her eyes.

As she approached near him to bear  the garland,he could sense that her skin has turned old ,her eyes are surrounded by black circles,her lips are pale,her eyelids are drooping,her white hair is hardly long ,her fingers are blunt with shapeless nails.

She stood right in front of him putting her chin down in shyness.

For him,her aged eyes looked gorgeous as those witheld enormous pain and struggles.Her wrinkles revealed multitude of work signatures.Her drowsy lips blessed loads of children.Her face marks signalled heaps of miserable stories.

“She looks even more beautiful in the plain white cotton saree” ,he thought. As they exchanged the garlands ,he said ,”I love you”,cherishing their 80 years of wedding anniversary with pride on their shoulders!!!


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It begins…


And he sat in the corner of the room biting his nails impatiently.The door was latched as tightly as it could be.

There was no means by which a pinch of light could peep  into the room.

A plethora of thoughts dumped his cerebral artery.All he could hear is a shout for a six and criticisms for a wicket by his friends who were busy watching the IPL.

He could not take his eyes off the mobile screen which laid on the table.For every now and then,he was holding it in his hands.

A myriads of rejections,a pyramid of papers,a stockpile of disrespect,a heap of knock backs were about to come to an end after long struggles .

His story has been agreed to be published in one of the country’s giant magazines.It was the day for which he has been waiting for long years.

His heart was accelerating surplus of blood into his veins.

His phone’s screen did not miss to grab his momentary attention.

And the table was vibrating with the screen blinking.He jumped on to the table like a hungry cheetah capturing its prey.

He was taking deep breathes,his pulse rate was multiplying.Like the water piercing out from the host pipe,tears started rolling down his eyes.

He asked the person on other end of the call to repeat the statement when he heard,”Your story has been published in our magazine”.

When his friends were celebrating the victory of CSK,he roared in happiness for his lifetime victory!!!!

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The Suicidal Note


The sun was playing hide and seek with the clouds,

The smell of the sand was nourishing the nose,

The density of the wind was making a push,

The cold breeze was tapping the face and  the chirping noise of those kids were piercing the ears,

The salt waters were approaching to taste the soothness of her feet.

But she paid no attention for these events as she was fighting a conversation with herself for hours.

She could hear only the inner voice urging her to the tides.

She sat rigidily without moving aside.

Hours passed,the dusk had fallen,the stars started flickering and the moon was smiling at  her.

Having grabbed by the tides,she made a sudden move to get into the waves,continuing her mind talks.

She was marching against those splashing waters as she got drenched.

There was an irresistible battle happening with her breathe.

Besides these ,an unstoppable argument kept going within her as those lines of the note were rolling before her eyes.

Having winning the war between the mind and the heart,she plunged herself from those ferocious tides.

The waves landed her off the sea to the mud of the shores finally.

A near journey to death made her vivid and calm,moulded her strong.

She sobbed,yelled and cursed herself for this coward act.

And later,”When he had left her with no concerns,why should she give up her life for his sake?”,she rephrased the lines of THE SUICIDAL NOTE, thereby making it a self realized lesson!!!!!


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Mirage of paradise

Surrounded by heavenly visualizations,

Fumes of intimate delight flew in the air.

The desire for experiencing the pleasure was at its peak.

Despite the life span being too short,time spent with it was phenomenal.

The need and yearn for it was exponentially increasing with the inner compulsion.

Selfishness predominated , curbing the attention to the questions being thrown by conscience.

A drastic improvement from twice a week to day and night .

Having influenced by solitude and calmness,the botheration to the habitat was at its least.

A careless and lethargic attitude had started triggering the mind.

From a playful act to a state of addiction,

Holding it between his fingers in a seventh heaven,

His lighter lit fire in the CIGARETTE , turning his life dark!!!!!!









Holding it for the very first time,she was astonished to look at its innate features.It was compact to fit in her palms.With loads of excitement,she was gazing at it like a boy staring at a girl.Her eyes were scanning it from upside down.

It sounded to be a miracle for her when she saw those alphanumerics being carved on each of its white faces.Despite having no shades of colors,the black and white amalgamation stole her eyes.She was captivated by the mash up.

Those faces were so fluffy and she could not resist to press them.She handled it gently with utmost care.She could not figure out how to use it.On pressing those faces,she could see a bright and glistening light projecting over it.She started searching through every knook and corner of it.There were myriads of things in it ranging from different languages and numbers to lovely pictures and sound effects.She was even surprised to see snakes and spaceships in it.

Struggling for hours,she finally typed the message, “Good Morning” on the screens of the very own NOKIA 1100 mobile phone.And with a long press ,after entering her brother’s contact number,a prompt appeared showing “Message sent”.She could not believe her eyes.She was at  the peak of excitement as she sent a message from a mobile phone to someone living at a quiet long distance in a short instance.

It was  a decade back,when mobile phones were  meant just for talking to each other in vocals,when microsoft windows was crawling to start its journey,when android and whatsApp did not even exist.

But that happiness in doing something for the first time was immeasurable.Again it is a 90’s kid who has experienced both extremes of technology by being in the world only with dhoordharshan to a completely transformed era where smartphones hold TV channels!!!!!!


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The black twins


It is only she who could understand what they really meant.

They were a pair of lovely couple .

They never talked to each other but expressed so much to her.

They never joined hands with one another despite being the romantic ones.

But they became even more intimate when she grabbed their attention.

They contradicted one another running in opposite direction.

They were short and fluffy,yet they made the best pair to her.

They melted her down whenever she encountered a sight with them.

They had loads of wordless conversation with her but she percieved them very easily.

They devoured her sometimes with a blistering stare.

She swam in the waters of enchantment when she looked at those mesmerizing duo.

She loved them with all soul despite knowing that she did not own them anymore.

They are “HIS DENSE EYEBROWS”,for which she literally fell for!!!!!!